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I work with people from many different fields, who have one thing in common – they want to work on themselves and change something in their lives. We are using both the support of Western psychoanalytic psychology and the techniques used while teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

The most common intentions with which clients come to the therapy are:

Better understanding themselves, getting rid of old patterns and experiencing better relationships. Moreover to be happier overall, to afford and to be able to experience a happy and conscious state of mind. 

I perceive psychotherapy as a treatment of healing through speaking and listening and  having confidential relationship between the counselor and a client.

It is an intimate world which is formed by the clients and the therapist and where the clients discover, change and accept themselves.

I am coaching both managers and students who want to be at the forefront of their field and who are looking for motivation, discipline and the real purpose of their job. With entrepreneurs, we look for ways to build a vision and maintain our work commitment in order to be consistent as good as possible.

Clients / Partners:


Prague Psychotherapeutic Faculty (PVŠPS) 

University of Finance and Administration (VŠFS)

Czech Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (ČSPAP)

Psychodynamic psychotherapeutic training – 3 years of training

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – 8 weeks of training according to Jon Kabat-Zinn

Certification of coaching – 2 years of training (Smart Coaching School)

Training in working with extraordinary states of consciousness (STARGATE)

Autogenous training according to J.H. Schultze

Training in nonviolent communication according to Marshall Rosenberger

Yoga teacher training level I. (MŠČR and KRI)


„Jan is an empathetic coach – with the composure of a Shaolin monk. He always approaches coaching with a particular goal: HELP PEOPLE AND MOVE THEM ON. He can be seen that as a passionate coach. I really appreciate and recommend Jan.“

– Adam Strunc, public speaker, writer, CEO Stubchasers



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